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Birthdate:Apr 13
This journal is currently FRIENDS ONLY. Comment to be added.

I am currently digging the kickass show Avatar: The Last Airbender and have a bad habit of talking about it at great length so if you don't want to listen to the ramblings of a crazy fanshipper, turn away now. Otherwise the rest of you can come on in!

A proud canon supporter since 1998 and a proud member of the religious left.

Happily married to twisted_vines, whom I affectionately call Gourry, because he's loyal, caring, safe, loving, funny, and not always too bright (but only sometimes;P). It all stems back to my early Slayers years when my friends kept calling me Lina. I called my quest to lose singularity "Finding My Gourry". So in keeping with that tradition, I have nicknamed my husband Gourry in every positive light.

I moderate the community slayerslemons, a Slayers trad lemon community. Open for submissions. Check it out, drop me a line, and join if you wish.
I also moderate the community 30_lemons, if ever you have a need for writing your favorite pairing in ways the creators never envisioned them.
I'm also co-mod of the cracktastic new capslock community zel_x_toaster for people who are sick of the wankyness of capslockslayers. It's open and cracky. Come join us!
I am one of the many moderators of the wonderfully silly iconvos, the community where you let your icons do the talking! Come check us out! We need more members!
I also co-mod the communities capslock_sukka and . It needs new members so if you're a fan of those pairings, come check it out.
I share moderation duties with yukinoomoni and angelchan_2004 of the brand new Avatar RP Avatar: The After Years yearsofdweebery, it's canon-friendly and friendly. Come check us out!
My banner was drawn for me by the wonderful and talented secondlina and colored by the fabulous angelchan_2004. It contains characters from: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Slayers, Final Fantasy VII, Howl's Moving Castle, and Monk. Thank all of you very much for all your hard work!

Toph moodtheme by:militarypenguin. Thank you for letting me use it!
The Sokka moodtheme I'm not using is made by:militarypenguin.
The Howl's Moving Castle moodtheme I'm not using is made by clarinetkoko.
The FF7 Cloud/Aeris moodtheme that I'm not using is made by flowerangel050.
The Slayers moodtheme that I'm not using is made by kuchenhexe.


Wang Fire Canon

The Chase
I love this thing. Made by the lovely and talented secondlina

Howl is love

Image hosting by Photobucket
Miyazaki love = the best kind of love

MSR is original OTP Love



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